We are Secure Digital Engagement

Forticode is dedicated to helping organisations maximise the value they deliver to their customers by combining privacy, simplicity, and security in a way which enables true customers to be serviced more effectively whilst halting fraudsters, imposters, and impersonators in their tracks.

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At our core

Everyone has the right to provide or consume products and services safely. It is an unfortunate reality that there are entire ecosystems in operation dedicated to fraud, mischief, and deception – from script kiddies through to state-sponsored organisations. We believe in solutions rather than treatments and are here to help.


Protect your valuable IP and Content

We remove signup stress and streamline access to your content – on any device, in any place; all whilst making it virtually impossible for your customers to loan or transfer their account either advertently or inadvertently.


Protect your customers and your staff

Our unique capabilities ensure your customers and staff have simple access to everything they should whilst ensuring they do not fall prey to fraudsters trying to cause you problems.


Identify, support and perform authorisations in near real time

We enable identification and authorisation events to be performed in near real time across any channel – digital, analogue, and even face to face.


Compliance and Data Protection

Remove the threat of reportable data breaches or privacy infringements with our decentralised, permissive data ownership, and request capabilities.


Protect your business from internal and external threats

Cyber Security Consultation – Helping your business realise safe digital goals across the cyber-physical landscape.


Threats and Vulnerabilities

It’s common to find companies that will utilise tools to generate a report on critical through to trivial issues with your websites and products. Forticode goes beyond the report and rectify, harden and refactor to minimise the risk of recurrence.

More than authentication or security

Forticode has invested heavily in research and development since 2013, unpicking accepted methodologies and approaches. Industry buzzwords such as 2FA (Two Factor), MFA (Multi Factor), Zero Trust, Adaptive Authentication, and even Modern Authentication have all assisted in the purchasing of bolt ons that don’t solve the key issues. You won’t see us talking about them as exciting products or features as in our world, every interaction must be secure, otherwise you shouldn’t be doing it.

Forticode is about enablement – Our solution is uniquely bi-directional, allowing for a digital relationship to be established which can then be utilised for any situation where you need attribution and audit.

  • Authentication
  • Authorisation
  • Approval
  • Acknowledgement
  • Access
  • Digital Sign Off
  • Secure data release
  • Consent

and more...

Some situations you may have encountered

“I love my service provider!” – unfortunately, this is not the first sentence that springs to mind when you think of them is it? And why is this?

If any of these resonate with you as a business or as a consumer – get them to contact us – we solve these problems.

Every service, no matter how trivial, wants to collect your name, birthday, email address, mobile phone number, and more – some even go the length of requiring a credit card to try them out. They want this because they want to be able to contact you and market to you – it also means they could deliberately or accidentally share that information. Unfortunately, the only choice is to not sign up – it’s called abandonment and it doesn’t need to be this way.

Forticode simplifies your digital journey

We look to provide everything you need to empower and gain transparency into interactions with your workforce, customers, and partners. With flexible and competitive price points that work with your budget and revenue models, we allow you to unlock operational productivity and reap risk and cost reductions early. Our goal is to work with you and your existing investments in a controlled transformational process that provides short-, mid- and long-term benefits.

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